Insurance Law

The purpose of insurance is to protect against losses—to make us secure and certain against accidents and tragedies. These promises and responsibilities, which take the form of the insurance contract or insurance policy, are often neglected, delayed and never realized at all.

Instead, the tremendous resources available to the insurer are marshaled for the purpose of endless investigation of a claim, to ultimately deny and diminish the coverage and damages that should fairly be considered and provided.

We seek justice for insureds throughout the courtrooms in the State of Florida. The guiding principle of our legal service is to assist insurance policy holders who are struggling against intimidating, large insurance companies who fail to live up to their promises.

Though we always strive to reach amicable resolutions during the pre-suit claim period–and many cases settle prior to the filing of a lawsuit or during litigation–our approach from the beginning is a focus on proof and evidence, and we will work as efficiently and quickly as possible through trial to get you recovered from the loss.

Complex Insurance Disputes

We represent a broad variety of first party insurance claimants, including homeowners and businesses that have sustained fire and smoke damage, storm and hurricane damage, plumbing and water damage, and other types of property damage for residential and commercial claims; disability coverage and life insurance. Our clients also include companies and individuals who have had claims denied for liability coverage, health and auto insurance coverage.