Mission Statement

The Law Offices of Geoffrey Gilbert, P.A. are attorneys for residential and commercial property damage.

We assist owners, property managers, and insurance claimants to recover from a broad range of damage to their homes, condominiums, and business property.


Why Property? Our Mission Statement:

We are passionate about our subject because we understand that one of the most important things in life is the home where you live or a business that must run profitably.

Our goal is to make insurance companies, condominium associations, contractors or developers, or whoever is responsible for damaging property, recognize that at the heart and core of a claim file is an actual person and a family who takes pride in their home and wants it deservedly fixed, or who depends on the property for a commercial endeavor that is frustrated by the unnecessary damage.

We attempt to make the legal process as efficient and as least costly as possible.

Of superior importance is making ourselves accessible to our clients during the course of our representation. Every case is viewed as an opportunity and we appreciate the trust that is placed in us.


Insurance Coverage Counsel to Policyholders

Frequently, damage to property is caused by unavoidable events or accidents, such as a fire, lightning, burst plumbing line, roof leak, and storm-force winds and rain. In these instances, disputes over insurance coverage and the value of the damage for full indemnification of the loss arise. We are counselors and advocates for policyholders and insurance claimants in insurance disputes.