Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowners pay for insurance to protect their home in the event of a disaster, destruction, or damage to their property, whether from a fire, storm, plumbing pipe burst, roof leak, or other event.

When a homestead, second home, or rental property is damaged it can be a traumatic experience, and should not be exacerbated by an insurance company’s failure to provide coverage. It is understandably frustrating for the owner of a home or condominium, who has paid insurance premiums year after year, to have a valid claim delayed, denied, or undervalued so that only a portion of the amount needed to complete restoration is provided. The damage often goes unrepaired while family and residents of the house have to live in uncomfortable conditions or have to move out of their home altogether.

The Law Offices of Geoffrey Gilbert, P.A. are Florida insurance lawyers who represent homeowners to resolve insurance disputes.

We will conduct a comprehensive review of the claim and the insurance policy, and aggressively advocate on your behalf to make the insurance company honor your contract with them and pay all benefits you are entitled to under the policy.

During this process, we will challenge any improper interpretation of the insurance contract made by the insurer for the purpose of denying your claim, and we will challenge the insurer’s under-valuation of the claim.

Though many cases settle prior to the filing of a lawsuit or during litigation, we will work as efficiently and quickly as possible through trial to get you recovered from the loss.

We would be pleased to consult with you about your insurance matter, and invite you to contact us to set up a case evaluation. We work on a contingency basis, which means there is no out-of-pocket hourly fees and costs.

Our legal fees and costs are not charged unless we recover insurance benefits in your claim, and most frequently Florida law requires the insurer to pay for your legal fees and costs.